Frontend Software Engineer provides simple and straightforward recommendation engine "arsenal" for developers to make the recommendation easier. We believe in crafted software enhances each life and releases the creativity of each life. That is our motivation to make, in the name of Rosetta Stone, which is the metaphor for the key of solving difficult things.

We're looking for engineers to join our growing team and help us fundamentally change the way developers are implementing recommendation. If you feel you want to be part of the challenge, we are looking for full stack engineers to join our team that will work in improving the way our customers experience our platform.

Help us delight unique recommendation experiences to the world

Current Stack / Workflow:

Now we use Vue/Vuex with Laravel backend to build dashboard UI. For some reasons, React/Redux might be used in the next stage.

You will:

  • Create secure, performant, cross-platform browser applications and widgets

  • Collaborate with fellow engineers to design and build new features at large-scale

  • Follow cloud development best practices regarding logging, monitoring, scaling and availability

  • Refine engineering practices, standards, and tooling

You might work on:

  • Projects that directly impact and improve the way that our customer and users interact with our products and solutions

  • Creating new applications that will help customers understand and adopt our platform

  • Build a top-of-the-class dashboard UI

  • Integrate numerous APIs, both 3rd party and internal

You might be a good fit for this role if you:

  • Background & Skills
    • 2+ years of programming experience in JavaScript

    • Expertise in building complex layouts with CSS and HTML

    • Are familiar with React/Redux (or Vue/Vuex)

  • Working Style
    • A passion for shipping incredible UI/UX without compromising on quality code

    • Are able to balance idealism and pragmatism in a very fast-paced, collaborative and continuously changing environment

    • Rigor in high code quality, automated testing, and other engineering best practices

    • Strong communication skills, a positive attitude, and empathy

    • Possess self-management skills with a continuous improvement mindset

Bonus Points

  • Background & Skills
    • Great oral and written communication in English

    • Academic background in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field (BSc or MSc)

    • Are familiar with Node.js and RESTful APIs

  • Experiences
    • Experience with Webpack, D3, WebSockets, Local Storage, GraphQL or ES6

    • Experience investigating and improving JavaScript performance

  • Reputations
    • Open-source contributions

It’s not expected that a single candidate has expertise in all these areas. We’re looking for professional engineers, who can quickly learn and adapt as our systems and situation changes, rather than candidates with a rigid skill set. By the way, we very encourage one who is the rock star to negotiate the higher salary.