Recommendation by AI Agents with Scenarios

Consumer Journey Coverage could be adopted in all touch points of consumer journey to automatically fulfill diverse demands from each consumer.

Individual (Latent) Preferences

Our system will analyze each consumer behaviors and build their preference profile for high accuracy of recommendation.

Contextual Recommendation

Your consumers will see the most interested products in different scenarios, such as landing page, product page, and checkout page, etc.

Cross Device Identification assembles the same customer from different devices to build a complete shopping journey and get higher conversion.


Retention Triggers provides retention tools to send personalized message to trigger your consumer back to your website or physical store via third-party services.

SMS & Email Newsletter

Push your consumers to check out the stuff in the shopping cart and buy more by the personalized way.

App notification & Customer service

Help you become initiative to keep your consumers and make your consumers become active.

Report & Prediction

Actionable Insights gives you actionable insights, including inventory prediction and preference trends of consumers to make operational decisions and save cost.


Possible Use Cases is not only a recommendation service, but aims to improve and optimize your operation.

Engage consumers in the Entire Shopping Journey

Consumer behaviors are signals to show how they interact with your brand. With, you can satisfy consumers what they really want in different context during their shopping journey, including online or offline.

Context Marketing and Recommendation

For online stores, every page has different scenarios, e.g. homepage, cart and checkout. Our AI agents automatically analyze consumer (latent) preferences and recommend the right products at the right time in real time.

Trigger inactive users and Deal with non-payments

The retention trigger tools will send personalized content to your consumers to remind them check out the non-payment orders and keep them returning. You also can set up rules to promote and call to action.

Forecast Inventory and Consumer Preferences

Inventory management and forecasting are complicated, as well as analysis of consumer preferences. We tell you the inventory prediction and the trends of consumer preferences that you could take the preemptive opportunities.

Create customer experiences that drive purchases

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