Recommend, Keep Retention, and Predict enables every size company to develop unique product recommendation and shopping experiences for their consumers. Click a link. Add into cart. Buy the product. Everything your consumers do is a signal about what they want. helps you understand each consumer's preferences and recommend products, even the inventory forecasting.


Know your customer’s heart better than themselves

Create frictionless discovery-to-conversion loops by connecting user's behaviors with products. real-time suggests the suitable recommendation results and exactly deliver what they're looking for.


Create a loop for consumers to keep interactions

When consumer visits online store, from homepage to product page, and from shopping cart to checkout, there are different contexts and purposes that consumer interacts. helps you cover each touch point in consumer's shopping journey, including online and offline.


Excavate preferences, predict the trends, and take actions provides multiple AI agents to analyze each consumer's preferences by their interactions and initiate actions, such as real time recommendations and retention triggers, for helping you build up data-driven automation of business operation.

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Fall in love with it's crazy. I built my recommendation engines in few minutes. Just incredible! If you got money to spend, @rosetta_ai is great. I've used 20+ engines for my different scenarios and never been disappointed. Simply amazing!

ikea lee

People at really provide the best curated products out there. Looking for unique, on of a kind pieces, then this is the place to go. Every so often a new product comes out. At first you are hesitated, but then after trying it you're just in awe. Awesome!

Alan Chung

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